Invoice Discounting is a well-known way of accelerating your cash-flow by enabling quick access to cash tied up in invoices.  It’s simple and quick to implement and saves you having to wait up to 90 days for your customers to pay.

You remain in control as your credit control maintains its function.  It’s a quick solution with swift access to cash and the potential to unlock up to 100% of the funds held in your invoices so you can explore well-earned expansion plans to grow your business.  Privacy, via our confidential service, ensures your customers are not aware you are using invoice discounting.

Competitively priced, with management information available so you can check on your funding at all times and we offer additional peace of mind with Bad Debt protection to run alongside, should you require this.

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We are leading providers of a complete range of tailored business financial solutions.  We work in partnership with our hand-picked, award-winning, and trusted UK funding partners to ensure our clients receive outstanding innovative funding solutions. Our advanced technology seamlessly ensures you have access to the funding experts you require when you need them most.

Go-Business Finance funding solutions are tailored to your unique business requirements, demonstrate transparent cost structure, provided within your timescales and all without obligation.

We help all UK SME’s who invoice business to business.

We fund across all market sectors from start-ups to multi-million pound companies.

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Put simply, we work hard on your behalf to find you the best, most competitive funding solutions.  We are motivated by our clients returning to us time and time again.  We focus on your funding, so you have the time and peace of mind to focus on what you do best, growing your business.

We help across all UK market sectors from New Start Business to long-established organisations.

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We are the best in the business!  Our client’s remain with us for all their funding requirements as they know we are always on-hand to help.  We know funding can be difficult and you need fast cash-flow solutions.  We offer transparent costs and work hard to get you the best rates.  Call us today and discuss your funding requirements – we are here to help!